The Morning Welcome Show

This is the first post for If I Ran the Park, and really I suppose it should discuss what I do here. This blog is dedicated to my opinions on what should happen within theme parks, restaurants, stores, etc. This is mainly for my own enjoyment, and to hopefully get my two-cents worth out there to the powers that be. While the majority of my posts *may* be limited to the Florida theme parks, I often extend beyond the Orlando bubble to include other spaces I may travel to throughout my life’s journeys.

Why do I do this? Well, for starters, I am an anthropologist who specializes in consumer psychological anthropology. Meaning, it is my job to know what consumers like and do not like in their experiences at businesses. This can be any experience from picking up your coffee at Starbucks to planning a week-long Disney vacation. Each experience is actually just as important to get the guest to part with those hard earned dollars. I’m considered an “expert” in my field, with the majority of my work having been on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which I’m certain I will talk about at great length at some point. For now, I am here to merely express my opinions as to how to make a good experience into fantastically immersive guest extravaganza.

There is so much that I could write about the anthropology of experience (in fact, you can read up on it at some point on my other new blog, But, this blog isn’t about that (though the Ravenclaw in me sure does think writing about theory is fun!). This blog is about the thrill of the parks, and using our collective imaginations to create our own figments- what do we want our parks to be? So step inside my ride vehicle and see what is in store. You may enjoy this journey into the imagination.

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